Abstract submission must take place via web upload as described in the following.

To do so you need to use your scienceconf account that you created or used for the abstract submission.  If you have forgotten your password, click on "Forgotten password" when you try to login to the FB22 website.  If you need to create another account, please go to:


Note:  you will have received an e-mail with this information when you created your account. 

To submit and manage your written contribution submission, you should return to the homepage of the FB22 website and login (top right of page) using your scienceconf username and password.  You will then see that the "MY SPACE - Submissions" option is now available (left hand menu bar).

You now only need to follow a few straightforward steps, as per the abstract submission, to provide the necessary details and upload your manuscript (PDF file only).  You will receive an e-mail confirming that your manuscript has been submitted.  If you wish to change your submission, you may re-enter the system via “My Space - submissions” and replace the PDF file, change the category etc up to the submission deadline.

Please note the following:

  • You must use the Springer Conference Proceedings Latex or Word template files provided below to prepare your manuscript.
  • Only indicate during the submission process the name of the corresponding author (you) the submitter.
  • You will need to enter the title and the abstract of your contribution into the system – for the latter please cut and paste the text of the abstract from the PDF file of your manuscript.  This information is needed to allow us to allocate your paper for reviewing.  The published paper will be the PDF file.
  • Only PDF files should be uploaded.
  • Do NOT upload “supplementary material” 
  • Please take care to submit your manuscript under the same category as for you talk or poster presentation (if in doubt check the conference programme page).  As such you should ONLY SELECT ONE CATEGORY
  • When asked to choose the “type of document”, select “Written Contribution”.  Do NOT select “oral” or “poster”.



You must prepare your manuscript using the LaTeX or Word templates and packages downloadable at:


Please convert your manuscript into a PDF file for the upload.



The Page limits for the different contributions are as follows:

  • Plenary talks:  8 pages
  • Invited Parallel Session talks (20+5mins):  6 pages
  • Contributed talks (15+5 mins):  4 pages
  • Poster Presentations :  3 pages



All written contributions must be submitted no later than 15 November

All contributions will be reviewed.



  • Few-body aspects of atomic and molecular physics.
  • Hadron physics and related high-energy physics.
  • Strange and exotic matter, including hypernuclear physics.
  • Few-nucleon systems including QCD inspired approaches.
  • Few-body aspects of nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics.
  • Interdisciplinary aspects of few-body physics and techniques.
  • Plenary and parallel session invited speakers (ONLY)
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