For any post deadline registrations please contact the organisers (see the Contact page).

The registration for the conference using the CNRS Azur Colloque registration and payment system may be accessed by the following link:


For English click on the corresponding flag and you may begin the registration process.

The schedule of registration fees, including that for accompanying persons, is given at the bottom of this page.

When registering please take care to follow the instructions at each step.  Please be sure to enter correctly your e-mail address as this is used to identify you in the system. Most importantly, once you have begun the registration process you must complete it fully – terminating the process before finalising it (ie., credit card payment made successfully or invoice requested for the bank transfer) will result in an incomplete registration which will not be processed.  Moreover, it will not be possible to try to register again using the same e-mail address.   In such a case you may try to register again using a different e-mail address.  Otherwise, or if in doubt, contact us by e-mail  - fb22-caen@sciencesconf.org - with the subject “Registration problem” and, if necessary, arrangements for making payment by a bank transfer will be put in place.

As indicated, two methods of payment are possible:

  • Credit cardonly Visa or Mastercard are accepted [recommended for non-French participants]
  • Bank transfer. 

Please note the following:

  • Please take care in chosing your registration fee/category - the default fee setting is for the Accompanying person (€80).  
  • If you pay by credit card and the transaction is successful you will receive an e-mail (from paiement-cb@dr19.cnrs.frwith a copy of the credit card payment slip.  When the payment is processed by the CNRS finance office you will receive an e-mail (from no-reply@azur-colloque.fr) with a pdf copy of the  "facture"/bill as proof of payment for your institution.   Please check that these e-mails are not directed to your spam.
  • If your credit card is refused you can either try to register again, with a different e-mail address using another credit card, or register (again using a different e-mail address) and request to make a bank transfer.  Or, as noted above, you may contact us directly in order to arrange the bank transfer (or verify the status of your payment).
  • The accompanying person registration must be made as a separate registration in that person's name using a different e-mail address than for the main participant registration (ideally the e-mail address of the accompanying person should be used).
  • A bank transfer is recommended for participants working at French laboratories and universities.  If you opt for a bank transfer (“virement bancaire”) you will receive, on completing the registration process, an e-mail from Azur Colloque providing the details for the transfer as well as a pdf file (in French) for the so-called “bon de commande”.  Note that the amount to be paid in euros is indicated at the bottom of this pdf document – “Total TTC”.  In principal the "bon de commande"/proforma invoice is only needed by French participants for their finance offices.  Please ignore the message that may appear saying that bank transfer is only for French participants (this refers to the "bon de commande").
  • Please note that in the case of a bank transfer your registration will not be considered finalised until the transfer has been completed, which for international transfers may take up to a few weeks.  When the bank transfer is received and processed by the CNRS you will receive an e-mail (from no-reply@azur-colloque.fr) with a pdf copy of the  "facture"/bill as proof of payment for your institution.   Please check that this e-mail is not directed to your spam.
  • Cancellation of your registration is possible prior to 8 June.  Such a request will be taken into account only if the organisers are informed by e-mail to fb22-caen@sciencesconf.org.  Please note that all credit card and bank transfer transaction fees as well as any currency conversion fees will be deducted from the reimbursement.  No refund can be provided for cancellations after 6 June.

We apologise if some sections of the automatically generated e-mails, including the "facture"/bill are in French.



The deadline for registration and cancellations* is Friday 8 June.  Reduced registration fees are available for students.  Early bird rates are available for both student and “full” participant registration. 

The registration fee includes:

  • The welcome drink.
  • Coffee breaks.
  • Reception – Tuesday evening in conjunction with the poster session.
  • Cocktail + Banquet at “La Domaine de la Baronnie” http://www.domaine-baronnie.fr/ – Thursday evening (transport to and from the conference centre is included).
  • Proceedings. 

Note that the registration fee does not include lunches – the conference centre is close to many downtown cafés, snack bars, brasseries and bistros and participants are free to organise their lunches as they prefer. 

Registration is also available for accompanying persons at a cost of €80 which includes the welcome drink, reception and cocktail + banquet (including transport).  This must be done as a separate registration to that of a conference participant and thus, as noted above, using a different e-mail address to that of the main participant registration.

During the registration process you will be asked to indicate any allergies or alimentary requirements for the banquet.







2 March

27 May

8 June*









Accompanying Person




* Deadline for registration cancellation.  After this date no reimbursement will be possible.  

Note that those registering as students may be requested to provide the name and contact address of their supervisor. 



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